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Baoli mould plastic products (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd

Baoli mould is a Hong Kong funded enterprise that integrates R & D and production of various types of plastic parts for lotion pumps. In 1992, Baohe mould engineering company was established in Hong Kong. In 2001, Baoli mould plastic products (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. was established in Wanchai, Zhuhai. In 2004, it was moved from Wanchai to Jinding nazhou Industrial Zone, covering an area of 20000 square meters. The company now has more than 400 employees, including outstanding talents in mould R & D, various production and technologies.




Mold Design

More than 400 outstanding talents in mold research and development and various production and technology, various advanced mold design, analysis and processing equipment, providing professional mold design and customization services


Production Assembly

Various advanced mold design, analysis and processing software, various Swiss and Japanese high-speed CNC machining centers, Haitian automatic molding machines, Japanese Sumitomo and Toyo brand injection molding machines and other production equipment


Product Testing

A set of systematic product testing machine, simulating professional pressing machine pressing, high pressure and high temperature vacuum environment test, to ensure the product life cycle; accurately control the standard size of each product, improve the quality rate


Dust-Free Assembly

Implement the clean room purification project, which can remove pollutants and dust in the air, create a clean and comfortable environment, carefully control the assembly of each product, and ensure that each product is produced with high quality

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ISO 9001 Certification

We are committed to providing our customers with accurate and timely information and products, while finding ways to improve processes.


99% Delivery rate

For more than ten years, Baoli Mould's monthly on-time delivery rate has reached 99%. We provide you with packaging when you need it.



Our dedicated Quality Services department has hands-on packaging knowledge with direct links to the world's largest manufacturers.



01 2022-11

24 basic knowledge points of tooth lotion pump?

The development prospect of the 24 tooth lotion pump industry is very good, because it brings many benefits to the enterprise when it is used, so it is favored by customers. In order to let everyone know more about it, we will come next. Tell me about the basics of 24 tooth lotion pump. Hope to help more people.
25 2022-10

24 What are the basic functions of the tooth lotion pump?

​The 24-tooth lotion pump entered the domestic market around the 1990s. After nearly 30 years of development, it has become a very mature product. In fact, now everyone has seen that the competition in various manufacturers is also fierce. The major companies that produce lotion pumps have also added a lot of extra features to attract the attention of end customers and form new profit growth points. What are the basic functions of the 24 tooth lotion pump?
15 2021-07

What's inside a lotion pump and how it works

Among plastic lotion pumps, a lotion pump is the most popular method of dispensing viscous, viscous liquid products in the personal care and beauty industries, and comes in all shapes and sizes. When used as designed, the pump dispenses the correct amount of product time and time again. But have you ever wondered what's in a lotion pump that makes it work? While there are hundreds of different designs on the market today, the basics are the same, and The Packaging Crash Course breaks down one of those lotion pumps to provide an overview of these components and how they contribute to the overall function of the pump. Product from bottle to hand. The actuator or pump head is the tool that the consumer presses to draw the product out of the container.

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