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2023 Shanghai Beauty Expo-2023 Shanghai CBE Beauty Expo Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong) Time: May 12-May 14, 2023

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Focus on the development of molds, production of lotion pumps and foam pumps for more than 20 years.

How to make your lotion pump more luxurious?


How to make your lotion pump more luxurious? Today I bring you a brand new lotion pump. 24/410 28/410 PP LITON PUMP WITH DOSAGE 2.0 CC.... For more types pls check from our web. https://en.zhuhaibaoli.com/ Contact Jacky for a lovely quotation !!! E-mail: Jacky@zhbaoli.com

How to choose a suitable lotion pump for your product?


I don't know what you think of the following lotion pump? Today I bring you a brand new lotion pump 33/410 PP LOTION PUMP WITH DOSAGE 4.0 CC.... For more types pls check from our web. https://en.zhuhaibaoli.com/ E-mail: Jacky@zhbaoli.com

Working principle of lotion pump head/daily chemical pump head


Do you guys know how it works when we use a daily body wash pump? When our new shower gel was in use, there was no liquid coming out when we pressed it for the first time. This is normal and does not mean that the lotion pump has failed. Next, I will briefly introduce the working principle of the lotion pump in five points. 1.Press for the first time ------ When we press the head for the first time, the head moves the auxiliary column through the connected main column to tighten the spring at the same time. In the process of tightening the spring, the outer wall of the piston passes through the collision with the inner cavity wall of the body, which promotes the opening of the discharge hole of the auxiliary column by the piston. When the piston slides down, the air in the main body is discharged through the opened auxiliary column discharge hole. 2.Press back and forth multiple times------to discharge all the air in the body. 3.Liquid suction------Press the button with your hands to pass through the main column, auxiliary column, piston, and tighten the spring at the same time to discharge the air in the body, then release the button, and the spring will move upward due to the loss of pressure. At this moment, the piston also moves downwards by rubbing against the inner wall of the main body, closing the discharge hole of the auxiliary column. At this time, the liquid storage chamber in the body forms a vacuum liquid suction state, suck up the glass ball, and suck the liquid in the bottle into the liquid storage chamber of the body through the straw. 4.Storage of liquid------Press the button several times, and after several times of suction, the liquid is stored in the body until the liquid storage is full. 5.Liquid outlet------When the liquid storage cavity of the body is full, press the button again, and the liquid will be sprayed out directly from the button nozzle through the discharge hole. The operating principle of the lotion pump head/daily chemical pump head has been explained to you.We welcome more people to pay attention to our company, ZHUHAI BAOLI FOAM SPRAY PUMP CO.,LTD.

Principle of mold design(2)


In the last issue, I introduced the first part of the principle of mold design, and today I will continue to introduce the second part of the principle of mold design. 1. The surface of the plastic part. In terms of the range that the molding material can cover, the surface structure of the visible surface of the plastic part should be formed at the contact with the mold. If possible, the smooth side of the plastic part should not come into contact with the mold surface. As is the case with bathtubs and laundry tubs using female molds. 2. To modify, if a mechanical horizontal saw is used to cut off the clamping edge of the plastic part, there must be at least 6-8mm margin in the height direction. Additional finishing work, such as grinding, laser cutting or jetting, must also have allowances. The gap between the cutting lines of the knife die is the smallest, and the distribution width of the punching die is also very small when trimming. These are all things to pay attention to. 3. Shrinkage and deformation. Plastics are easy to shrink (such as PE), and some plastic parts are easy to deform. No matter how to prevent them, plastic parts will deform during the cooling stage. Under such conditions, it is necessary to change the shape of the molding die to adapt to the geometric deviation of the plastic part. For example: Although the wall of the plastic part remains straight, its reference center has deviated by 10mm. The mold base can be raised to adjust the amount of shrinkage for this deformation. 4. Shrinkage, the following shrinkage factors must be taken into account when manufacturing blister molding molds. ① The molded product shrinks. If the shrinkage rate of the plastic cannot be clearly known, it must be obtained by sampling or testing with a mold of a similar shape. Note: Only the shrinkage rate can be obtained by this method, and the deformed size cannot be obtained. ② Shrinkage caused by adverse effects of intermediate media, such as ceramics, silicone rubber, etc. ③ Shrinkage of the material used in the mold, such as shrinkage when casting aluminum. All the principles of mold design have been explained for everyone. If you have any questions, you can leave me a message or pay attention to us. We are a professional manufacturer integrating production and sales. Tomorrow, I will introduce to you the working principle of the daily chemical pump head.

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