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What are the types of pumps? In addition to the common vacuum pump, centrifugal pump and other pump types there are a lot of summary pump categories for everyone, for your reference.

What are the types of pumps? In addition to the common vacuum pump, centrifugal pump and other pump types there are a lot of summary pump categories for everyone, for your reference.

The type of pump and performance use is very much related, in general, the giant pump flow per hour can reach hundreds of thousands of cubic meters above, and the micro pump flow per hour is below tens of milliliters.

1. By industry

Petroleum pump, metallurgy pump, chemical pump, fishery pump, mining pump, electric power pump, water pump, water treatment pump, food pump, brewing pump;

Pharmaceutical pump, beverage pump, oil refining pump, seasoning pump, paper pump, textile pump, printing and dyeing pump, pottery pump, paint pump, pesticide pump;

Fertilizer pump, sugar pump, alcohol pump, environmental protection pump, salt pump, beer pump, starch pump, water supply pump, heating pump, agricultural pump;

Garden pump, aquarium pump, boiler pump, medical pump, Marine pump, aviation pump, automobile pump, fire pump, cement pump, air conditioning pump;

Nuclear electric pump, mechanical pump, gas pump;

2, according to the principle

Reciprocating pump, plunger pump, piston pump, diaphragm pump, rotor pump, screw pump, liquid ring pump, gear pump, slide pump, Roots pump;

Roller pump, CAM pump, peristaltic pump, peristaltic pump, vane pump, centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed flow pump, vortex pump, jet pump;

Jet pump, water hammer pump, vacuum pump, rotary shell pump, hose pump;

3, according to the purpose

Transport pump, circulation pump, fire pump, pressure test pump, sewage pump, metering pump, health pump, dosing pump, gelatinizing pump, infusion pump;

Defoaming pump, flow pump, oil pump, feed pump, drain pump, dredging pump, sprinkler pump, booster pump, high pressure pump;

Heat preservation pump, high temperature pump, low temperature pump, condensate pump, heat network pump, cooling pump, HVAC pump, deep well pump, pain relief pump, chemotherapy pump;

Air pump, blood pump, pumping pump, sulfur removal pump, shear pump, grinding pump, fuel pump, suction pump, bathtub pump, source heat pump;

Filter pump, aeration pump, shampoo pump, injection pump, air pump, gas pump, art pump, deodorization pump, shredding pump;

4, according to the medium

Clean water pump, sewage pump, sea water pump, hot water pump, hot oil pump, heavy oil pump, engine oil pump, heavy oil pump, slag oil pump, asphalt pump;

Impurity pump, slurry pump, sand pump, mortar pump, ash and slag pump, mud pump, cement pump, concrete pump, powder pump, acid and alkali pump;

Air pump, steam pump, oxygen pump, ammonia pump, coal pump, blood pump, foam pump, emulsion pump, paint pump, sulfuric acid pump;

Hydrochloric acid pump, colloid pump, alcohol pump, beer pump, wine pump, chocolate pump, milk pump, starch pump, wort pump, toothpaste pump;

Halide pump, halide pump, lye pump, molten salt pump, grease pump, pesticide pump, fertilizer pump, pharmaceutical pump, gas and liquid pump, oil pump;

Chemical fiber pump, spinning pump, dose pump, paint pump, pulp pump, pulp pump, insulin pump, concentrated pulp pump, air pump, water pump, oil pump;

5, according to the structure

Single stage pump, multistage pump, single suction pump, double suction pump, end suction pump, self-priming pump;

Seal pump, shield pump, micro pump, long shaft pump, medium open pump, high speed pump;

6, according to assembly

Front pump, vertical pump, horizontal pump, pipeline pump, water pump, liquid pump, barrel pump;

7. Press Start

Electric pump, pneumatic pump, magnetic pump, electromagnetic pump, manual pump, steam pump;

8, according to the material

Cast iron pump, cast aluminum pump, stainless steel pump, plastic pump, glass pump, ceramic pump;

Graphite pump, cast steel pump, cast copper pump, titanium alloy pump, aluminum alloy pump, fluorine lined pump;

9, according to performance

Explosion-proof pump, wear-resistant pump, corrosion resistant pump, no leakage pump, sanitary pump, automatic pump, frequency conversion pump.